Whether you are starting or running a company that’s virtual or not, in this time and error, the best way to do it is by getting online. In this era it is all about the Internet and every business are banking on that.

Around 70% of people are online almost 80% of the time. Whether they are chatting with friends, gaming, shopping, working or just browsing, they are in a position to learn about a business or an offer that was not in their plan. This makes Internet the best marketing platform there is today.

It all comes down to getting customers or clients, depending on your line of products and services. It is all about reaching out to people and getting profits from it. When done right, the Internet/online business brings in great returns sooner than expected. The first most important step that is mandatory for any company is having a website.

A company’s website is like a company’s face. It determines a lot, including whether you get success in your line of service or fail drastically Viewers or potential clients only need a second to know whether they are interested or not and the website says it all. Being this crucial, every business owner should have these tips of choosing a good website designer/ developer.

It may be an individual or company, either way, ensure the following;

1. Do they have a website?

A web designer, who does not have a website of his own, does not understand the importance of having a website, therefore, may not deliver effectively. One who has a website, has the experience and will only major on getting you the best appropriate design.

2. What have they done before?

It is very important to check their portfolio before signing a contract. This starts with examining their corporate website. You go through different sites to understand how different web design companies work. If their own website is not easy to navigate, understandable, presentable, then that is exactly how they will design yours. Check their recent designs and if possible, talk to their previous clients and hear what they say about the company or individual.

3. Their personality

You are probably wondering what this has to do with the design. Web development is a process; one call, meeting or email cannot and will never be enough to complete the process. Some people talk for days, others plan for weeks just to get the perfect design that will work to their company’s favor. Imagine working for weeks with someone who has a bad attitude, rude, someone who is a bad listener! Study the character of the designer who is attending to you. Find out if they have your best interest at hand, if they understand and respect your ideas, if they give you advice that benefits you and not just them financially, make sure they give you time to air out your ideas and even try them before rejecting them. A good web designer brings out a final product that both parties are comfortable with.

4. Pricing

Designers and developers are quite costly therefore ensure you know their costs before hiring them. Make sure you are okay with their charges. The best designers are even more costly but it is always better to spend once on good service than severally on cheap services that are disappointing. Find out if the developer is worth the amount they charge and if they can compromise with your budget and come up with an amount favorable for both parties.

5. Know their skills and services

What skills do they have? When consulting them, do they seem like they know what they are doing or talking about? Find out from them what is best for your website. Talk about the layout, the features to be included and such. Most importantly, get either a real or dummy layout for the site. Some website designers are developers too. They can design the layout and work on the coding to bring the design to life. Some can also maintain the website, others create content. Confirm if the designer understands Internet marketing, knows about UX websites, about CMS and Search engine optimization as these are very important. Every business needs a website that delivers to viewers and potential clients.

Companies like http://www.prosites.com/, Maxburst, Big drop and the like, are some of the best known in website design and development and their websites define their work in simple and understandable words. Make sure you get only the best because your company’s success depends on it.…