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A website is your company’s portal to the world. As your company grows, so should your website. Our sites are built to help you grow today and grow with you tomorrow.


Custom Website Designs

Want a website built around your company’s vision without going over your budget? Using the power of Drupal as our CMS (Content Management System), Web Easy Media creates affordable customized websites with unsurpassed usability.


Specialized Niche Sites

If your business is in a niche market, you need a CMS (Content Management System) that is designed specifically to aggregate and organize your business segment's information.  Drupal specializes in helping you stand out within your niche by optimizing the value of your content.


Social Networking Integrations

Get noticed, build communities, have conversations, expose your business and participate in the growth of the social web.  No one is isolated when they have a web presence and we help you expand and utilize your social networking experience. 


Recent Articles

A recipe for better pop-up gallery control

This recipe is created to help you better control your gallery displays. The topic of galleries have always been an interesting subject in the Drupal world. There are always many factors about what a gallery actually is as well as how you should...

I'm looking at the date today wondering what happened to January. Already a month into the year, and things couldn't be hotter.

Drupal 7 has launched and DrupalCon Chicago is just around the corner. There is a buzz around Drupal, and...

Informatics students and local professionals to overhaul four non-profits' websites in just 48 hours

On the weekend of January 14, 2011, a group of local professionals and students specializing in web and interactive technologies gathered together in a lecture hall at the IUPUI School of...

Recipe for Customizing Your WYSIWYG

The purpose of this recipe is to turn over a WYSIWYG editor that the client will understand better. They will be able to visually see the different header and block styles before they select them. They will also see the styles applied within the...

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